Senior school and/or VCE Readiness

At Connecting OT we work with a number of children in the senior school age range. It has been our pleasure to support children who are adjusting to senior school or preparing for VCE. This is often a lot about organisation, contextual understanding of their learning, ability to apply these skills to testing and assessments and ability to have really positive after school habits as well as concise organisation throughout the day at school. If your child is having challenges with any of these key areas then it might be beneficial for them to have an initial observation session and work to see if us occupational therapists at Connecting OT can be of support to your child or to you. In these instances I invite you to refer to the Parent Support section on this website, as sometimes it is actually about equipping the parent with strategies to empower and support their child and that might be another way of working to create positive behaviour habits.

Typically we work on skills such as organisation and use of a diary or a type of technology that is going to support visual structure and organisation. We have a range of resources at our finger tips and it is about identifying what is going to be beneficial and then understanding how we can actually implement this process. For some children it will be easy enough for them to use something like dictation, voice recordings or to take screen shots of the white board in class. For other children it is a bit more of a process to not only take that screen shot, but to actually develop the positive habit of what to do with that screen shot (e.g. what order to keep them in, when to refer to the screen shot and how they are going to ensure that the information they have taken on board whether as learning or due tasks that they need to build in to their dairy, organisation will be something that will become a new habit and become something that is automated). It has been fantastic to support children and families in this way and to really relieve the pressure and the burden that can be placed on that relationship between the parents and the child.  As always, please contact Kate for more information and how we can be of service in this way. We are able to work in senior schools and are also able to organise sessions outside of school.

Further to this, we have also had great success supporting children who, for whatever reason, don't believe that they can continue at school. This is obviously a very difficult choice for any family to make. As a part of this process we are able to work to support parents and advocate with the school and liaise in terms of different options for either remaining at school or whether there is a process of ultimately disconnecting. Sometimes it takes a child a period of time to become comfortable in their new life and once again it is very important that they are developing positive habits so that we are keeping their sense of self esteem and confidence in a reasonable place. Our preference would be for it to be in a fabulous place and for them to have a smooth transition, but typically this isn’t the scenario that occurs. Therefore it is about trouble shooting and supporting through a difficult time, enabling the child and parents relationship, looking if they need other support from a professional such as a psychologist, identifying whether the parent might benefit from having some psychology sessions as well. As occupational therapists we are able to do those functional elements that work to alleviate some of the stress and the burden. As a part of this process we are normally working to support the family as the child transitions to work or another form of study and therefore we are able to enable the routines that are required in these ways and overcome some of the facets that create the anxiety and therefore may prevent further study or work being accessible in the first instance.