The Starting Process

Contact us to arrange an initial observation meeting with Director, Kate Woods or any of our other senior therapists. This will be a chance to discuss any concerns and the journey you have been on. We will conduct this initial meeting at school or our rooms. You will then receive feedback via a report and follow up discussion.

You will receive some client related questionnaires and our service agreement. This must be filled out and returned at least two days prior to your child’s initial session. You can either email them back or mail to PO box. Once we have received your service agreement you will then be issued with an invoice accordingly.

The session notes will then be sent out to relevant parties as discussed with an overview of goals to be addressed. Please feel free to provide feedback via phone or email. Further meetings to understand and discuss strategies to be worked on at home can also be arranged.

Our Therapists

We have a fabulous team of highly specialized Occupational Therapists. We all work together to ensure best possible practice and to provide our clients with the ability to perform skills for a variety of people and not to be solely reliant on the one therapist.

How many sessions will my child require….

Typically, it is good to have a run of sessions to work on goals and develop new habits in the functional setting.  Quite often it is good practice to have weekly sessions for a term and evaluate from there. In some cases, it may be fine to have an initial session and give some feedback and monitor from there. The care plans offer families an ability to get started with sessions and then evaluate functional progress over a period of time. Always feel free to discuss your child’s progress.

Towards the end of term we will give an overview of the progress that has been made. This will include recommendations for either continuing with support or backing off as required. This is also a chance to organize a catch up meeting.

"... Comprehensive session notes and ongoing dialogue between parents, teachers and OTs  highlight the  emphasis on a team approach by the staff at Connecting OT.  OT sessions for our students are based on very specific current goals that assist students in areas that impact their daily lives - especially those related to learning ..."

Kate Hopkins
Director of Additional Learning Needs - Junior School
St. Michael's Grammar School

"... Working with Kate has been an absolute pleasure.  Kate is a true professional with a wonderful attitude.  She has kept me informed throughout the entire process and has taken the time to develop a positive relationship with my daughter.  I look forward to continuing to work with Kate ..."

Bayside, Melbourne

"... I really can't recommend Kate and her amazing Connecting OT team enough. She has helped members of my family (young and mature-aged) manage their sensory needs with extraordinary success. While there are many attributes I like about this team, their knowledge about sensory processing difficulties, empathic care and CAN DO attitude are stand outs.

You won't find a more skilled, caring and helpful team. Keep up the great work. The OT world need more like you! ..."

Avi Amaratunga

"... Kate from Connecting OT has worked with our daughter for 3 years and the development we have seen in our child has been fantastic.

Kate always makes the OT sessions fun and positive, and each session works towards achieving an overall goal.

Kate has also supported us in the home with great ideas to support our daughter's development, so that we are able to do OT every day, not just in her regular session.

Kate understands the pressures on families of having a child with 'special needs' - whether they be small or significant - and we can't recommend her highly enough..."


"... Kate and her team at Connecting OT have been inspiring our daughter to do her best since she was 2 years ago. That's been 4 years!  And in this time we have seen our child grow and try new things and exceed all of our expectations as well as support our daughters handwriting and fine motor skills.

Kate has been instrumental in developing her social skills and general well being. She has supported our family's decision making and advocated for the best educational outcome for our daughter..."


"...Kate has helped me to understand and appreciate the value of OT and implement effective strategies and techniques that have been tailored for my child and situation. Thanks Kate for the knowledge you have shared and the care that you have shown. Sincerely Claire..."