Social Skills

At Connecting OT we are always able to work on social skills, whether it be in the one on one consultations or whether it be in the school or kinder setting or a school holiday or after school group. We typically are more available to run such groups during the school holiday period, but if you have a need or a concern don't hesitate to contact us as we might be able to schedule something to support. At Connecting OT we use our malty faceted approach as well as key elements from the ‘Socially Thinking Program’. This is a program that works on both the sensory regulation under the Zones of Regulation and also works on unpacking the mini steps and creating positive foundations in terms of the understanding of emotions, how we perceive and pick up cues in terms of what is going on around us and how we can work on the pre planning to support these processes.

It is fabulous that both speech therapists and occupational therapists can work on social skill development with children. Probably a distinguishing feature is that as occupational therapists we are working on the motor planning skills to support communication as well as the communication factors. If you believe that your child has more of a language challenge that is impacting on their social skills then that is probably a flag that speech therapy is going to be beneficial. If you feel that your child really needs to engage in a wider range of activities and tasks and really step outside their comfort zone in terms of what they are doing as well as how they are connecting with others, then that is definitely something that as occupational therapists we at Connecting OT are able to support.

We work on our OT service approach of developing the splinter skills, which is all the bits and pieces that come together to help that child be the best that they can be. As a part of this process we then are able to help the child to read the cues and connect on the level that they need to be engaging with peers and teachers as well as their family, but also to have the success of those positive skill sets that work to provide a basis of support for meeting such milestones.