Parent Support & School Advocacy

It has been fabulous to be able to support families as they either embark on the process of the child starting school or embark on the process of having their child funded or receiving aid support within a kinder or school situation. This can be a process where the following attributes are needed to be developed, monitored and ensure that correct communication platforms are occurring. Connecting OT has been able to assist families with specific models that ensure there is a greater understanding and therefore overall advocacy when it comes to that family keeping positive partnerships between the kinder or school and the family and working to support when there is potential needs for a case manager, we are able to offer such a service.

We are also able to offer services that ensure that everyone feels as though they have a voice and that we are able to empower the parents to feel that they can enjoy the roles of being a parent at the school or kinder without feeling daunted by the advocacy that needs to occur with their child. Please do feel free to contact Kate and discuss any concerns or challenges that you may be experiencing, for a further understanding of how this support may take place, particularly with the roll out of the NDIS occurring.