Parent Coaching

At Connecting OT we offer a service of parent coaching, because we believe in holistic support that is enabling the family to operate within their comfort zone and productive learning zone and to work to support families from being in an overload stressful environment, otherwise known as the red zone. As a part of this process it may be beneficial to have your OT, as part of the team approach, or Kate as the director, to work with both parents or even individual parents and understand the development process, whether it relates to themselves or to their children and family or to a particular person in the family.

As a part of this process we can help the parents to understand the sensory processing and sensory regulation and what it means for their day and their families time. We can help with organisation strategies for individual parents or families as a collective unit. We have created resources such as the ‘Connecting OT Family Planner’, as a way of using visual scheduling, practicing what we preach and empowering the family to work as a unit together.

Even if sessions are predominantly in a functional setting, such as the kinder, school or cr
èche, it is still beneficial to have one catch up or a series of catch ups with the parents, as it means that the strategies that we are working on in the functional environment are also being utilised in the home environment. Whilst we do send the session notes on a weekly basis it is also a way of ensuring that the parents are feeling supported and empowered. In some instances the occupational therapy service is just about some smaller goals and doesn’t need a family approach, but it is fabulous to be about to provide that parent support regardless.

We are also able to work with parents and provide organisational assistance, as well as a range of other skills, even if we are not working with their children or taking a family centered approach. We are able to provide a one off service or a series of sessions to help a parent that perhaps just wants to have an understanding about key factors and feel that this process is beneficial.

It has been fabulous to have some really successful sessions with fathers of children that we are working with, as this really transgressors the skills that they might be wanting to get their heads around, in terms of what is going on with the family and the types of elements that the mums are often working on. This is a key process in helping a parent to feel really empowered and supported, so it has been really fabulous to have these opportunities. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of these facets.