At Connecting OT we work to support families, children, schools, kinder’s and crèches. We work to support children who have undergone a process of diagnosis and also children who don't have the need for diagnosis or the family or other parties involved might be questioning if a diagnosis or some support is going to be relevant. At Connecting OT we don't have the need for a referral, but you are welcome to bring one whether it be from the paediatrician, family GP or education settings, such as schools or kinder’s. At Connecting OT we take a holistic approach and we work with a range of specialists that includes but is not limited to speech pathologists/therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, paediatricians and GP’s. We are happy to receive referrals from families working with the therapists listed above and more.


The types of OT services that we offer to families have been discussed under some of the different attributes on the website, but typically speaking families get started by having an initial observation session and that is often in a functional place, whether it be the home, kinder, crèche or school setting. The reason that we use a functional space means that we are getting to know that child in their preferred comfortable environment. We also have our rooms that we do consult at, but we do prefer when we can see children in their own space to begin with.

Typically children commence a run of sessions after this initial observation. The parents will receive a report which goes through goals that we believe will be beneficial and when the agreement has been made we are able to commence with the sessions. Once again, we do see children at our rooms, but the ongoing sessions are beneficial when they are in a functional space, because it means that we are empowering those children to transition the strategies that they are learning straight back to their key learning environment.

Typically children need a period of one term (about 3 months) to redefine from a brain plasticity perspective and make the new habit occur. Once the new habit or behaviour pattern has occurred it then typically takes another 3 month period to consolidate and make that habit an automated process. This is something that we like to clarify to ensure that we are supporting our families in getting the best possible outcomes.

Another key facet that is critical to our consultation process is that it is about the skills, strength, motor planning and different goal setting that we do. It is not about racing through and learning all these different skills, but it is all about how we are working to help the child and family process and define positive behaviour habits in real time and in everyday life. Sometimes it may not be about moving onto new skills until we have really ensured that the foundation skills are occurring as they need to be and thus we have a platform to either work from or to leave the family and child to consolidate from on their own accord.

As per the information under team, our OT consultation process is about the team working together. We spend a lot of time liaising as a Connecting OT team and we spend a lot of time helping each other to gain the best possible outcome for the children that we see. Having a team approach means that no therapist is isolated in the way they are practicing and it means that there is always the power of multiple therapists working to provide the best possible service out there.