Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD):

This is characterised by children that may be perfectly happy at school and really trying to do their best and then come home in a state of fatigue, overload or all of the above, which results in anxiety and excessive emotional outburst, which may be characterised by melt downs. This process can be tricky for families because the child will quite often present as capable, which they typically are, but once again it comes down to the energy expenditure, muscle tone, endurance they have in their bodies and the amount of effort that they are needing to put into their motor planning skills perhaps throughout their day or for certain parts of their day that is taking too much of a toll on their body. As OT’s we work to redefine this process, look at how we can balance out the energy expenditure between school, kinder and home and work to streamline the way that these children are working within a comfortable learning zone and how they can develop their skill sets without reaching an overload point.