Dyspraxia can also be referred to as Apraxia, as both revolve around a breakdown of communication in the neural firings, typically because some pathways are underdeveloped and therefore the neurological system is trying to work overtime to provide the messages needed and this becomes very taxing from a physical, emotional and mental capability. This could be referred to as a ‘Brain Freeze’ and could manifest in terms of inability to get started with a task, inability to have a go with a task at all, slow progress, decreased concentration and generally pushing much harder than needed to be able to get to the point that we would expect that child to be functioning at. We work primarily to look at the strength, proprioceptive input and habits that have been developed. It is about a process of redefining and resetting these habits and looking at how we can create positive neurological pathways working with small steps first, achieving gains and then consolidating in other areas. Dyspraxia and Apraxia could be related to Speech Apraxia and Developmental Coordination Disorder.