School Holiday Success Builders

School Holiday Success Builders

Alarm bells can ring as the year madly comes to an end, common questions I am asked by parents include 'how can I help my child be more ready for school this coming year?',  'what can we do to utilise the school holidays?' and 'what can be done if we want to focus on key areas that have been raised in the school report?'.

There are some great ways to utilise the school holidays, sometimes it is about practicing skill sets in a similar but different environment. Sometimes it is about developing the missing pieces of the puzzle to help the way your child learns make more sense.

At Connecting OT we offer support in a number of ways. Parent sessions can be helpful to have a crash course in navigating through trouble some behaviour, understanding sensory processing and up skilling in terms of ways of developing skill sets in fun relaxed ways over the holidays.

Kids enjoy coming to the Bamkins educational resource shop to try exciting activities that are both therapeutic and fun and great for Christmas presents.

Consolidation sessions are offered both in December and January. Please call or email Kate for more information of to make a booking.

School holidays are an important time to relax and recharge, see if you can have one host that will create success and school readiness for the coming year!

Kind regards
Kate Vaarzon-Morel
Director Connecting OT