Christmas Presents And Some Ideas

Christmas Presents And Some Ideas

It is now not long until the countdown to Christmas, still there are so many events to tick off and perhaps associated gifts to consider.

The end of school year = teacher presents and friend gifts, there are stocking fillers to hunt for and family presents to source, I will include in this blog 3 ideas for shopping for presents that have fun options that also embrace fine motor development and creativity through planning and sensory processing.

This year I have given all the children we work with as well as the teachers "Theraputty" as a little thank you gift. Putty is great for working on hand strength but is also a great sensory regulator and stress release! Most teachers have responded with 'thank you I needed that'!

I would like to thank my friends at Bamkins resource shop for the part they played in this. I am lucky enough to practice from here - 407 Hampton St, Hampton. Gift ideas include Theraputty and aromatherapy putty, Rush Hour - the ultimate car game, triangular pencils, heaps of gooey squishy toys and a big range of Kimochi's.

The National Geographic store is also on my radar as they have a wide range of toys and price points and stock cool lava lamps (great for relaxation), lots of stress balls of different forms and heaps of great mind games.

Last but not least Kikki K is great with lots of enticing visual schedules and family schedules to help everyone be involved in planning, fun post it notes for small check lists and a lovely variety of pens and pencils!

As per my last blogs, there are many therapeutic tools around, many toys that require use of pincer fingers (thumb and fore fingers), have a go and feel free to contact me for more info!

Kind Regards

Kate Vaarzon-Morel

Director Connecting OT