The Connecting OT School Handwriting Challenge


The Connecting OT School Handwriting Challenge

We at Connecting OT are very excited and passionate about children’s development and the teams that we can be a part of to support this process. During term 3 2017 it has been a very exciting time as we have had the first ever school handwriting challenge and have been involved in media publications within the Channel Seven news and Channel Seven Sunrise Program, as they support the positive work that we have completed. The school handwriting challenge offers a structure for schools to develop the community bonds between home and school and helps children to take charge of their handwriting practice that they are doing at home. We often have families say that they are invested and want to support this process but given that they are busy and family life is convoluted, activites can easily go by the way side. The Connecting OT Writing Practice Sheet is a system that provides a series of exercises, takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete and works to develop positive behaviour habits as children develop the ability to go home, maybe have a bit of a snack and a rest, but then be able to do some homework so that they can go to school the next day and tick off on the class sheet to show that they are contributing to their class project.

The Connecting OT Writing Practice Sheets involves a quick core body exercise, finger exercises to support pencil grip and hand strength and then work through letter patterns in a variety of evidence based practice techniques that develop and change habits that children may be emerging with or have unfortunately continued with throughout their school education. We love what the teachers are doing in the classroom and we love the busy curriculums that schools offer, but we recognise that this has taken a toll on some of those basic attributes that used to have more attention placed on them. Therefore our systematic approach offers an opportunity for the school to take part in the two week challenge. Part of the tool kit that you purchase will be tailored to include a writing practice sheet for each child and a class tick sheet to track the completion of the practice that has happened every night at home for two weeks. As part of this process we will come to school and we will go around to all of the classrooms to do an introduction and go through the exercises that the children need to complete. At the end of this process we then like to come and be a part of the school assembly and hand out certificates of achievement to all the classes and all the children that have completed this process. Some children might chose to then continue with the handwriting practice sheet and some children might feel that they have made some gains in their writing and they are going to leave it at that.

Thank you for allowing us to spend a little bit of time explaining the process and the benefits of the Connecting OT school handwriting challenge and we are available to chat further about how we can roll out the challenge to suit the needs of your school. Thank you and have a great day!

Kind Regards
Kate Woods
Director Connecting OT