Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD):

There is the Hyperactive form (ADHD) and the Inattentive form. This is classified as a child who can only attend when they have an interest with what is happening. Obviously this may describe a lot of people in the population, but for children that are diagnosed with one of the forms of ADD this will mean that it is really affecting their daily life. As OT’s, once again we work to look at the behavioural, emotional, motor planning and sensory elements, to identify the key factors that are at the root of the problem. We work to devise a plan that aims to develop and over develop relevant skills so that we are looking to decrease energy expenditure in ways that are not necessary or activities that may be over taxing for your child. This will therefore help your child to focus and be more successful in developing positive behavioural patterns within their comfort zone and then help them move from their comfort zone into a more productive learning zone without reaching overload.